Rockstart Bootcamp - Early Bird Discount

£100 – Now £65 for 6 hours

Just over £10 an hour

Mondays in Mansfield – Vision West Notts College, Derby Road, NG18 5BH

5:30pm – 6:30pm Young Person’s Class (aged 6 to 16)

6:45pm – 7:45pm Adult’s Class (aged 14+)

Thursdays in Derby – Lees Brook School, Chaddesden, DE21 4QX – Starting 11th June For 6 Weeks

5pm till 6pm Young Person’s Class (aged 10 to 16)

6.15pm till 7.15pm Adult’s Class (aged 14+)

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Group Lessons

Learn with like minded people at the same level as you. Great way to meet people and make friends

Get Good On Guitar

You’ll follow a structured course that has been proven to turn you into a great guitarist quickly and gets results.

Best Value For Money

Our courses are a fraction of the cost of one to one lessons and have lots of extra benefits.

Early Bird Discount

See how our early bird discount price compares to other guitar lessons.

One to One Lessons

  • This is the MINIMUM rate a guitar teacher should charge for guitar lessons according to the Musicians Union.
  • One lesson a week would cost you £1560 a year for one to one lessons.
  • While there are lots of great guitar teachers there’s no guarantee that your teacher will have any teaching experience or qualifications.

Lessons in Schools

  • Guitar teachers in schools are recommended to charge £30 an hour in line with the Musician’s Union.
  • One lesson a week would cost you £1560 a year.
  • Some guitar lessons clash with classes and means students may have to come out of class for guitar lessons.

Music School Group Lessons

  • Music schools have a lot of overheads which mean they have to keep their prices high.
  • One lesson a week would cost you £1092 a year.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

The group lessons are a great experience. All the benefits of a one to one lesson – tutor support, structured learning – while giving you time to practice and refine. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and having other people there is great and pushes you to keep going. The teacher is excellent; knowledgeable and easy going and he works hard to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Sam Wheatley

Our teacher was very professional yet relaxed. He teaches both theory and practical guitar swiftly and in a way that’s motivational and enjoyable. I’ve learnt loads on my guitar since I’ve started with Rockstart Bootcamp. I would definitely give them 5 Stars”

Caren Burton

I went to bootcamp this week and I really liked it because Jack taught me very well. He taught me New York City Cops, Smoke On The Water and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I really like how Jack taught me to remember the name of each string on the guitar. I can’t wait for my next lesson, THANKS!!!

Josh Berry (Aged 11)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rockstart Bootcamp?

Rockstart Bootcamp is the UK’s best group guitar bootcamp. When you sign up you’ll join a small group of guitarists at the same level as you and work through a structured programme that will help you learn guitar and have you playing your favourite songs in no time. Our guitar program is split into levels, similar to grades but without the exam and a lot more fun! Each bootcamp lasts for 6 weeks with an hour session each week and in that time you should be able complete a level. Once the bootcamp has finished you can sign up for next one and complete the next level. This will continue to push you forward and turn you into a great guitarist quickly!

How can I learn guitar in a group?

It’s simple really, we put you into a small group of guitarist at the similar level to you and each week we will teach the group a topic, for example, chords, soloing, playing a rock song etc. In each hour session you will have time to practise what you have learnt and get some one to one time with the tutor. On the end of each session your tutor will tell you what you need to practise and give you a practise schedule for the week.

Does that mean I will have to play in front of other people during the lesson?

No, not at all. We provide you with special headphone that plug straight into your guitar so only you can hear what you are playing. There can be a room full of people playing guitar at the same time but you’ll only hear what you are playing. When the tutor comes to see how you are getting on they can just plug their headphones into your guitar as well.

We know a lot of people worry about this, so just to be clear. You will not be expected to play in front of the group at any time during Rockstart Bootcamp.

Is Rockstart Bootcamp for adults or children?

Both! We have adult’s and children’s classes available. Our children’s classes are for ages 10 to 16 and our adults classes are 14+. Currently we can not take any students younger than 10.

Where will the classes be held?

On a Monday our classes will be at run from Vision West Notts College in Mansfield. This is a great location and has plenty of parking. The post code is NG18 5BH. On a Monday we will run a young person’s class from 5:30pm till 6:30pm and an adult class from 6:45pm till 7:45pm.


On a Thursday our classes will be at run from The Lees Brook Secondary School in Chaddesden. This is a great location in a newly built school that has plenty of parking. It is also only 11 mins drive from Derby City Centre and easy to get to, the post code is DE21 4QX . On a Thursday we will run a young person’s class from 5pm till 6pm and an adult class from 6.15pm till 7.15pm.


Can I learn acoustic guitar?

Yes, you can. What we teach can be applied to both the electric guitar and acoustic guitar. However in the lesson you will use an electric because we use headphone amps. But don’t worry if you only have an acoustic guitar, we can provide an electric guitar for you to use in our lessons.

What if I've entered the competition to win a free place?

Still book your place, if you win the competition we will just refund you. But if you wait until the winner has been announced the place will have gone up or we may have sold out.

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