Rockstart Bootcamp is a small business in the East Midlands area, which has recently branched out to London. Our mission is to provide a none intrusive, affordable and above all else a fun experience to anyone who would like to learn guitar. We are unique in the way we teach, we offer an individually tailored 6 week course with the ultimate aim being to have the students playing their goal song and moreover understanding the music they are playing. Rockstart Bootcamp does not discriminate against age, ability or music taste!

Our bootcamps cover Derby, Mansfield, Tooting, Brixton and Streatham. We are currently offering all budding musicians a free 1 hour taster session subject to availability. Rockstart has the potential to help with increased confidence, improved concentration and a better all round musical ability and offers a personal and friendly approach to music tuition. We not only offer the one to one tuition required for personal progression but we also provide a fun environment with plenty of opportunity to practice in small groups of similar abilities and make new friends!

A little bit about our staff…




Jack Gration – Hi, I’m Jack and I run Rockstart Bootcamp. I’ve been playing the guitar for 13 years and have been teaching guitar for the last 10. As well as teaching guitar privately I spent six years teaching for Vision West Nottinghamshire College in Mansfield. I’ve always had a passion for music and enjoy all aspects of it. The part I’ve enjoyed the most has been teaching others how to play guitar and accomplish things they didn’t think they were capable of.

I decided to start Rockstart Bootcamp in early 2015 as an alternative to traditional one to one lessons. From working in colleges I realised the importance of following a structured course to help people learn guitar as quickly as possible. So we set about designing a six week beginner course and offered it in Nottingham and Derby. Since our launch we now run a range of guitar courses in the Midlands and in London for all ages and abilities and are hoping to offer even more courses soon.



Tony Stevenson – Hi, I’m Tony and I’m 26. I’ve worked with Rockstart for a over half a year now, though I’ve been working with the music industry for quite some time. I graduated from Derby university in 2012 with a BA degree in Popular Music with Music Production and I’ve also attained grades in the guitar and piano with Rockschool and ABRSM. I’ve been playing the guitar for around 18 years.

My teaching experience equates to working with several primary and secondary schools over six years, as well as leading my own private tuition lessons for bass and guitar.

I’ve always had a keen passion for the guitar since my grandfather introduced me and I’ve been highly influenced by artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jimmy Hendrix, Herman Li and Brian May (though naturally I know there are many, many more great guitarists out there!). I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed using my skills during gigs (I worked with a Ska and cover band for a couple years), on music ensembles and the opportunity to simply pass on my knowledge.

I hope you join us at Rockstart and I look forward to working with you!




Patrick Cunningham – Hey! My name is Pat, I’m a 21 guitar player/teacher from Mansfield. I’m currently studying Music and Creative Music Technology at NCN Clarendon College as well as teaching guitar for Rockstart!

I’ve played guitar for around 8 years being influenced by so many different artists, genres, eras and playing styles. Although I grew up listening to and learning classic rock tracks from the likes of Van Halen and Bon Jovi, I perform solo with my acoustic guitar all over the country as well as playing in a Reggae band on the side. Some of my main musical influences are The John Butler Trio, Andy McKee and Medicine for the People!

I’ve been teaching guitar for about 3 years to people of all ages and capabilities. We have great team members at Rockstart all of whom have knowledge in different ares of music and the music industry so hopefully you’ll come along and learn to better your skills!