How long does it take to learn guitar?

The short answer to this is… you never stop learning the guitar!

But what people really mean when they ask this is how long will it take before they can play songs they know?

This varies a lot from person to person and depends on how you are taught. I’ve always tried to make it so my students are playing recognisable songs as quickly as possible, even within the first lesson.

Let me talk you through what you’ll learn on my guitar course.

How Rockstart Bootcamp do it

In the first lesson I’ll teach you how to play a simple rock riff with just one finger. A couple of my favourites to start with are Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple and You’ve Really Got Me by The Kinks.

Most people can learn these in a lesson and can leave being able to play a song on the guitar.

Once you can play one note at a time we’ll look at how to play chords and change between them. Chords are when you two or more string at the same time and are the building blocks of songs. With a bit of practise you can play a good selection or chords within a week or two.

You’d be amazed at how many songs you can play with just three or four chords. Here’s a list of some of the songs you could be playing in a few weeks.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Get Back – The Beatles

Have a Nice Day – Stereophonics

Songbird – Oasis

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Chasing Cars – Snowpatrol

Blowing In The Wind – Bob Dylan

And loads more


Now you can play chords the only thing left to do is work on your rhythm hand and to learn how to strum properly. Being able to strum is actually really easy if you understand how rhythm works.  This is something that I’ll cover and break down so it’s easy to understand.

If you can combine a chord progression along with some simple but effective strumming patterns your guitar playing will start to sound really professional. Watch the video below to see a guitarist playing a wide range of songs by just strumming some beginner chords.

Youtube Video of someone strumming some songs

At the end of the six week bootcamp you could easily be able to play through one or more of the songs above.

Once you complete our Level 1 beginner bootcamp you will be able to sign up for Level 2, were we will build on what you’ve learnt so far and help you progress with your guitar playing by showing you how to play more complex chords and riff and start to learn how to solo.

But finally, going back to my first point. You never stop learning guitar, me included, there’s always more riffs to learn and chords to perfect, the trick is to enjoy the challenge of learning an instrument.