Here’s what our students or parents say about Rockstart Bootcamp.


As a musician myself I had found it very difficult to teach my son when he decided that he wanted to learn to play, he just wouldn’t listen to me! We looked around for a long time to find a guitar teacher and then we saw the advert for the Rockstart Bootcamp. It looked perfect and so we gave it a try.

Jack, the teacher, is a really nice guy and immediately put all the kids at ease. My son was one of the youngest but absolutely loved it from the first lesson. The group size is just right with a nice balance between being taught as a group and practicing individually with oversight from the teacher. I have been amazed at how much progress my son has made in such a short time.

The course really strikes the right balance of challenging the students without being overwhelming and crucially it gets total beginners playing recognisable riffs and songs, even in the first lesson. I think this is the main reason my son is enjoying it so much.

It’s also really good at making the theory side of learning the guitar interesting, I have been impressed with how it has kept the kids interested in all aspects of the lessons, mixing the theory parts in with the practical exercises, never letting it get dull or too serious. I doubt my son even realises he is learning some music theory, but he is!

We would highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to get playing the guitar properly, quickly. If you are prepared to practice at home between lessons you can really progress!

Will Hart (Josh's Dad)


Rockstart Bootcamp has a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The learning is tailored to every student. The instructors are friendly, knowledgable, open and approachable. They bring out the best in everyone. It’s absolutely great!

Phil Thorpe


I have played around with a guitar for a long time and never had proper formal instructions. I promised myself lessons following retirement from work but didn’t know what to look for. My son-in-law spotted the advert for RB from Jack on Facebook and asked if I would like to join him to see how it is. This we have done. Having now completed two full bootcamps with the team, I am pleased with my progress and now I have the confidence and ability to play tunes in front of the family. I look forward to continuing my progress through further lessons.

Richard Redding


Having had Tony and the team as guitar instructors now for 4 months, I can honestly say how much I am enjoying them. They are very skilled in teaching and are very helpful with any problems that are encountered. They show patience and the instructions are easy to follow. If there’s anything that you struggle with, they have the time to show you the best way in theory and in practice. Top Man!


Jimmi Craig


My 11 year old son is enjoying bootcamp immensely. It has a friendly atmosphere and a great teacher. He comes home very happy after every lesson and is coming along nicely as a new guitarist. Jack has a very helpful forum on Facebook for bootcamp members with useful information and songs.  Just a great way for beginner guitarists to start.


Karen Bunn (Zach's Mum)


My parents booked me onto this course as a surprise, I am a self taught beginner but wanted to improve. Being the only teenager in the adults group I thought I might feel a bit different, but I’m really enjoying the lessons.

Jack is so nice, has been really helpful and always available for Facebook communication. I would definitely recommend this great value course for anyone wanting to learn or develop their guitar skills


Tabitha Parker


My 10 year old son Jake absolutely loved the whole concept of Rockstart Bootcamp right from the word go.  Dragging him away from his computer is always a challenge but, with their fantastic teaching methods, Jake is actually practising at home, without us having to nag him!

His progress has been quick and he is so motivated to improve that the whole experience has been a pleasure, for both Jake and us parents!

I would absolutely recommend that ANYONE looking to learn to play guitar considers Rockstart Bootcamp.



Lisa Douglas (Jake's Mum)

I’ve had such a rockin’ time learning to play, meeting other like minded students and learning from my tutors. Jack, Tony and Pat, you guys have been awesome! Thank you! I will be continuing through next year. I have picked up things well and I’m delighted to have reached level 4! This course has been an exciting and inspiring experience and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn, it’s totally worth it!

Julie Swain


My son Ethan started Rockstart Bootcamp with a free taster session around eight weeks ago and he absolutely loved it right from day one. The atmosphere is very relaxed but also fun and very friendly. He really enjoys learning and seems to be picking it up quite well. If he struggles with anything at all the teachers, Tony and Pat are both approachable and are most patient if he doesn’t get it right away. At first Ethan thought he wouldn’t enjoy being in a group session but in actual fact I think he now prefers it.

Sam Booth (Ethan's mum)


I wasn’t sure if Rockstart Bootcamp would be right for my son Chris as he already has lessons at school and is not a beginner, so we came for a free taster session before deciding to join. Chris has learnt new techniques and enjoys learning something new each week. All the instructors are friendly and very helpful. I would recommend Rockstart Bootcamp to everyone, whether a beginner or more advanced player. You will learn something new in every session. The sessions are fun and at your own pace. Chris looks forward to having learnt to play a new song of his own choice at the end of every bootcamp.

Vicky Baynham (Chris's mum)

The group lessons are a great experience. All the benefits of a one to one lesson – tutor support, structured learning – while giving you time to practice and refine. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and having other people there is great and pushes you to keep going. The teacher is excellent; knowledgeable and easy going and he works hard to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Sam Wheatley

I went to bootcamp this week and I really liked it because Jack taught me very well. He taught me New York City Cops, Smoke On The Water and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I really like how Jack taught me to remember the name of each string on the guitar. I can’t wait for my next lesson, THANKS!!!

Josh Berry

Jack is a very patient, easy-going tutor whose teaching style both helps and encourages without applying pressure.Willing to listen and happy to accommodate any request, the lessons are both enjoyable and productive

Sean Turtle

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