One of our first ever kid’s at Rockstart was Josh Hart, he was only 7 when he started with us.

Throughout his first lesson he was really quiet and hardly smiled, I thought he definitely wouldn’t be coming back.

But then his dad sent me this email

Hi Jack.

Thanks for today it was great.

Josh was funny. I wasn’t sure if he had really enjoyed it in the lesson as he was so quiet and looked very serious. But as soon as we got outside and I asked him about it, he was beaming and full of it! He absolutely loved it. He said he was so serious because it was hard and he was concentrating.

As soon as he got home he started practising what you taught him!

Thanks again


As a teacher it doesn’t get much better than receiving emails like this.

Josh made great progress throughout the course and he even features on our Smoke On The Water video. He’s the first child and the link is at the bottom.

At the end of the course Josh’s dad was even kind enough to give us a full testimonial.

As a musician myself I had found it very difficult to teach my son when he decided that he wanted to learn to play, he just wouldn’t listen to me! We looked around for a long time to find a guitar teacher and then we saw the advert for the Rockstart Bootcamp. It looked perfect and so we gave it a try.

Jack, the teacher, is a really nice guy and immediately put all the kids at ease. My son was one of the youngest but absolutely loved it from the first lesson. The group size is just right with a nice balance between being taught as a group and practising individually with oversight from the teacher. I have been amazed at how much progress my son has made in such a short time.

The course really strikes the right balance of challenging the students without being overwhelming and crucially it gets total beginners playing recognisable riffs and songs, even in the first lesson. I think this is the main reason my son is enjoying it so much.

It’s also really good at making the theory side of learning the guitar interesting, I have been impressed with how it has kept the kids interested in all aspects of the lessons, mixing the theory parts in with the practical exercises, never letting it get dull or too serious. I doubt my son even realises he is learning some music theory, but he is!

We would highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to get playing the guitar properly, quickly. If you are prepared to practice at home between lessons you can really progress.  Will Hart

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